Minimum order is $50.00.

We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Yes. If you are a retailer or restaurant, please send us a message via our contact page for further information.

Yes for beef, lamb, chicken and vegan products.

Fish, venison and wild goat are not available as organic proteins.

Yes, we do cold smoking for Salami with Pohutukawa.

White mold is normal and a required part of the salami making process. It helps to regulate moisture during the drying process to ensure superior taste and texture in our salami.

Yes. Each is listed on the individual product page, Make sure to read the nutritional and ingredient statements that are on our product labels.

No, we do not have pork in our salami and we do not process any pork products.

We are a pork free company.

Some products are Halal. Please contact us for more information.

They are not available for sale at the moment, however our R&D team is working hard on this!

Please send us an email if you want to be notified when they become available.

Yes. We do not use gluten in our product range.

Some of our salami contains dairy.

Low fat milk powder is added to some of our salami to impart a mellower flavour that our consumers enjoy.

If you are looking to avoid dairy products, please be sure to check the ingredients label to select one of our delicious salami's that doesn't contain dairy products.

Each product carefully lists the ingredients on the label. Please read the ingredient statement carefully if you need to avoid a certain ingredient(s).

No, we do not use nitrates in any of our products.


Our Salami's are Shelf Stable and can be stored at an ambient temperature.

Please refer to information on the label for specific storage information for our other products.

Please check the label.

We do recommend refrigeration for all products for a longer shelf life and best taste.

Yes. Salami's are shelf stable.


Yes - for orders over $150 in New Zealand. For orders under $150 we have a $12 flat rate shipping cost.

We ship orders on Tuesdays every week so that deliveries can arrive by the weekend.

We ship exclusively to addresses within New Zealand.

Yes, we can deliver to either a residential address or a business address.

If there is an issue with you product, please contact us to discuss.

Currently, we only ship within New Zealand. We are working on shipping internationally though, so hold tight! We appreciate your patience and interest :)

We charge a flat rate of $12 shipping on orders under $150 in NZ.

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